About Almo Liquidation Auctions

Almo Corporation is the nation’s leading distributor of Major Appliances, Luxury Appliances, Consumer Electronics and Professional Electronics products. Known for its Rapid Ship services and exceptional customer service, Almo distributes over 40 of the industry’s top brand names by operating over 1-million square feet of distribution space in 8 strategically located warehouses throughout the United States.  Dealers and Retailers have instant access to a wide variety of Appliances and Electronics items.




Almo Liquidation Auctions is the official liquidation marketplace of Almo Corporation. We offer contracted business buyers access to overstock and customer returned items in bulk lots.


Condition of Merchandise




A-Class Desciption

All items are new in original cartons



B-Class Descriptions

  • Carton Damage – Unit OK

-        The product is in good working condition with carton damage.

  • Carton Opened & Resealed

-        The product is in good working condition and the carton has no damage.

  • Product working with minor damage

-        Product is in good working condition and may have minor scratches and/or dents on the product.  There may also be outside carton damage.



C-Class description

-        Products are generally in working condition and have a significant scratch(s) and/or dent(s) on the product.   A part may need to be replaced in order for the product to be in working condition.  The outside carton may be damaged or missing.  



D-Class/Salvage Grade

Merchandise may or may not be functional.  Missing or broken parts are highly likely.  Merchandise quality falls below C class descriptions.